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Inspiring Life

In collaboration with health professionals, Rey is dedicated to support you, in sickness and in health. Use our health app to live healthier!


Rey is an Insurtech platform listed in the Indonesian Financial Authority Services (OJK) with No. S-189/NB.22/2023 and registered in


What health benefits can you enjoy as a Rey member?


You are protected when you're healthy

Stay hydrated, meet your step goals, and ensure proper nutrition. Celebrate your milestones with exciting rewards!


You're taken care of when you are sick.

Chat with doctors effortlessly, secure your medication claims, or arrange outpatient appointments at any hospital! Need a hand? ReyCare has got your back!


You are protected and get other benefits!

Beyond the benefits mentioned above, becoming a Rey member gives you special privileges. From discounts to buy glasses at Saturday, and dental-care at Satu Dental to medical check-ups at Biotest, there's so much in store!

What are you waiting for? Get the best health solutions by buying your membership now!

Rey is accessible to everyone



Too busy to take care of your health? It's time to prioritize your health. Take the first step toward a healthier lifestyle with Rey.


For Families

Not only you can yourself, you can also protect of your loved ones – be it your parents, partners, or children.



Ensure a coverage for your colleague as well. Starting from 5 people, you can guarantee they receive top-notch coverage.

Your reliable health application


Our active users rely on Rey health solutions anytime.


Companies trust Rey to uplift their employees' well-being.


Victoria Insurance's financial health level as a Rey Insurance Partner is 5 times the standard required by the OJK (120%).

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Be healthy together from now on

Be part of the Rey community and feel the benefits firsthand!

What do they say about Rey?

“Sometime back, I didn't feel well, especially at night around 9:15 PM WIB. I wanted to see a doctor or visit a hospital but felt too lazy to leave my house. Finally, I opened the Rey application and shared my health concerns. The response from the doctor was incredibly quick and polite. Within a few minutes, I received a prescription. I promptly ordered the prescribed medicine using my phone. To my surprise, the courier was already at my doorstep. Wow, super fast! Rey is truly impressive.”



47 Years, Bekasi

“My first experience with being unwell led me to try a doctor's chat consultation. I received a prescription and the Rey Team's response was swift. They reached out to all the pharmacies in Manokwari, and the medication was delivered right to my home. Rey was exceptional!”



57 Years, Manokwari

“What stands out is their responsiveness and care. Moreover, the unique aspect of ReyCare is that their team is always ready to assist us as if we were their own siblings. It feels like the most comfortable option in Indonesia because they genuinely care about their clients' problems.”



39 Years, Banda Aceh

“The Rey team has met and even exceeded my expectations, especially during emergencies”



54 Years, Padang

“Thank you, Rey! The service is excellent, and you can redeem medicines without any additional fees. They deliver to your location with great convenience. It's almost like having a face-to-face doctor's appointment.”



24 Years, Semarang

“Ordering medicines directly from the application has been a huge facilitator for me.”



25 Years, Medan

“My child had a fall during school exercise and injured their upper right shoulder. Out of panic, I rushed them to the hospital for an X-ray. Rey covered the entire bill, which amounted to Rp1.2 million.”



41 Years, Tangerang

“The chat consultation with Doctor Rey went smoothly, and the medicine delivery was fast and accurate, following the prescription.”



27 Years, Kebumen

Rey makes it easier for you to live a healthier life!

Rey is a healthcare service that goes beyond just insurance. We ensure that you receive...


Comprehensive protection with a single membership.

Chat with doctors for consultations and access unlimited medications. Rey is primed to set up outpatient services at hospitals, cover associated costs, and process cashless claims in just 15 minutes exclusively for you.


Optimal health with various benefits

Become a part of the Rey community's health movement, earn numerous benefits, and safeguard your family with Rey's coverage.


24/7 access to the best health services

Our ReyCare and Doctors team are always ready to assist you anytime, anywhere. On emergency situation, all you need is clicking this button.


Personal assistance tailored to your needs

Select a Rey's flexible membership packages that tailored to your needs – all at affordable prices for maximal benefits.

Why was Rey formed?

Rey's story begins with the frustration you feel. The cost of illness is expensive so that the benefits are not suitable for bringing Rey to continue walking for your better health.


Come on, start taking steps for an easier healthy life!