Rey's story begins with the story of all of us,
and begins with frustration.

Everyone wants to live healthy. But in reality the price paid is not necessarily affordable, there are also many unpleasant experiences. In fact, shouldn't living a healthy life be everyone's right?

The problem... is entrenched in the industry

Both in terms of health services and the insurance industry, there have been many systemic problems that have been rooted for a long time.

Premiums are expensive, but the benefits are not necessary.

Many people need protection because of the large number of cases of chronic disease. However, the price of insurance is increasingly expensive because of agent distribution costs. Because it is expensive, companies also need to add many benefits and increase insurance limits. In fact, actually you don't need that much.

Ultimately insurance is too expensive for those who need it.

Evan Tanotogono

CEO & Co-Founder

Evan Tanotogono

Therefore, you need a complete health solution,

Rey is here to be a healthy solution at all times.

Not only when you are sick, Rey is there when you are healthy...

Ready to provide end-to-end healthcare based on history and integrated medical record data. The goal is so that you can get healthy quickly when you are sick and still get lots of benefits when you are healthy.

...and ready to provide quality healthy solutions.

Even though it comes at an affordable cost for those of you who want to live a healthy life, Rey prioritizes professional service quality, for a much more personalized experience.


Because you are more than just a member here.

You DESERVE to have a healthy life, which is worth the price you pay.


Release App Rey

The first time Rey released the first version of his application in Indonesia.

September 2021

Rey Seed Funding

Closing of seed round funding from our investors.


June 2022

Rey #SubscribeSehatmu

Launching your #SubscribeSehatmu membership.

July 2022


Rey launched the ReyForBusiness product for company employee protection

November 2022

Rey Startup World Cup

Rey is the regional winner of the 2023 startup world cup

August 2023

Our insurance partners

The Rey Insurance Platform is supported by a partnership with insurance broker PT Premier Investama Bersama, registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).


Rey Insurance Partner

The insurance products available on Rey website are registered by Victoria Insurance


Another insurance partner that Rey works with:


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