Be a Lead that Makes it Easy for Healthy Employees

Chat doctor anytime, free. Consultation at any hospital. And your business is more economical to pay for employee insurance!

The best employee health insurance from Rey helps you protect the health of your employees so they stay healthy and productive

Rey Provides Easy Access to Health


Outpatient and inpatient access throughout Indonesia, even overseas. No partner restrictions!


Number of users accessing Rey's health features and services.


Rey is supported by PT Victoria Insurance with 40+ years of experience in insurance.

Access to Employee Health Insurance with Rey, Only 3 Cups of Coffee?

Paying for 3 cups of coffee at Rey, you can access comprehensive employee health insurance, including:


When they need more intensive care, make sure they have easier and cheaper access to health care.

Coverage area up to worldwide (except United States of America)

Cover hospitalization costs as billed up to Rp 500 million/year

Select up to room with 1 bed according to the bill

(Optional) Additional benefits for pregnancy and delivery specifically for childbirth


When they start experiencing symptoms, make sure they can recover quickly and be productive.

Choose a doctor at any hospital in all over Indonesia

Cover outpatient costs up to Rp 20 million per year

Cover doctor consultation, lab fee, medicine, and physiotherapy

(Optional) Additional benefits for Dental, Spectacles, and Health Checkup (MCU)

Starting from

Rp 150.000 / Month

The Benefits Are Complete, The Price Is Right!

ReySaldo provides flexible employee health insurance premiums according to your business needs. Provide complete health protection starting from IDR 150,000 per month.

Need More Flexibility?

Don't worry, top up your benefits to cover their health claim costs with ReySaldo!

Not only that, you can also access Rey's features and services:

Swipe the card at the chosen hospital cashier. Wherever you want, no partner restrictions.

Chat the doctor to your heart's content. Redeem prescription drugs online. Set an appointment. Free.

Meet the target of healthy living every day. Get ReyCoin and exchange it for gifts.

Claims are easy, choose good employee health insurance from Rey to help protect your employees

Transparent Access to Employee Health Data

ReyDashboard makes it easier for you to access employee health data.

Access data in real-time and whenever you need.

Get report data about employee claim rate per month.

Access and check your employee health data anytime.

Keep track of how many ReyBalance you have left.

MSMEs and Communities Can Be Protected!


Min. 5 Memberships

In Rey, small businesses and communities can register. Only min. 5 membership with 10 people only!


Fit for Cash Flow

You don't have to pay yearly! Choose to pay only monthly for safer cash flow.


The process is Easy and Fast

Claims on Rey don't need a hard copy at all. Just photos and document uploads!

Questions Regarding Employee Insurance

Not familiar with health insurance for employees? Don't worry, Rey gets you started!

Our insurance partners

The Rey Insurance Platform is supported by a partnership with insurance broker PT Premier Investama Bersama, registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).


Rey Insurance Partner

The insurance products available on Rey website are registered by Victoria Insurance


Another insurance partner that Rey works with:


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