HR Communities and Startup Founders, you simply do not want to miss this vital information for your company that might attract and retain top talent in the competitive job market.

Did you know that health benefits are more valuable than salary increases? This is called The Employee Benefit Paradox. 

Our in-depth research can explain why this is happening. 

Based on our primary and secondary data sources, which include surveys and in-depth interviews with 200+ employees from top companies, we reveal how health benefits might improve employee satisfaction and engagement that’d likely lead to higher productivity and retention rates. 

Inside this report, you will find out that:

  • More than half of Indonesian employees are okay with sacrificing ≥ 30% of their salary increases to keep their preferred health benefits,
  • Roughly 3 out of 4 employees agree that they are more satisfied if the company they work for improves their health benefits. 
  • About 81% of employees who work for companies that improve their health benefits also feel that they are more engaged with the company

It becomes crucial for businesses to address the gap between employee expectations and providing the health benefits they want or need. In that case, they need to start paying more attention to their health benefits and ask important questions for the sake of their company, such as:

  • Does that mean improved health benefits make employees more loyal?
  • What can businesses do to improve their health benefits? 
  • What kind of health benefits are best for your employees? 

Download here for the full answer to The Employee Benefits Paradox!

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